Artisan CBD Relief Cream - 2 oz Jar

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Product: Artisan CBD Relief Cream

Description: An incredibly smooth and light CBD relief cream without the greasy feeling many creams leave behind. This lotion is for topical use and may help with joint pain, arthritis and muscle aches. This hand crafted CBD cream can be a post workout or game time relief lotion, or your every day CBD relief cream. There are no added perfumes and the smell is light and minimal. This CBD hemp cream contains full spectrum oil (about 180mg of cannabinoids) and comes in a 2oz jar.
Strain Genetics: N/A
Quality: Very High
Method: Natural
Habitat: N/A
Seeds: N/A
Batch: 0021
Origin: Maine
Aroma: Frankinsense and light mint
Size: 2 oz

Total Cannabinoids: 180mg